What does the Bible say about the important topics you hear about in sermons every week? Authors Mike Abendroth, Clint Archer, and Byron Yawn explore issues where confusion abounds — critical issues such as:

Hell: What does the Bible say about hell being a real place of future punishment?Demons: Just how much influence do demons really have in the life of a Christian?

The secret to overcoming fear is knowledge. As you carefully compare your church doctrine with what the Bible says, you’ll gain confidence in knowing the truth and be able to discern and apply it.

The more you know what God’s Word says about things that go bump in the church, the less hesitant you will feel about discussing them with others and living according to them.

Mike Abendroth serves as pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church in Massachusetts and graduated from The Master’s Seminary (MDiv) and Southern Seminary (DMin). He hosts the daily broadcast No Compromise Radio and is an adjunct professor at Southern Seminary.

Clint Archer is the pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church, South Africa. He holds MDiv, ThM, and DMin degrees from The Master’s Seminary. When he’s not preaching, writing, blogging, or globetrotting, Clint likes to date his wife, wrestle with his three kids, and ride his motorcycle.

Byron Yawn is the senior pastor of Community Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee and a much-sought speaker. His book Well-Driven Nails received much positive acclaim from prominent ministers, including John MacArthur and Steven Lawson. Byron has MDiv and DMin degrees from The Master’s Seminary, is married to Robin, and has three children.