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Equipping Eve Equipping Eve
Equipping Eve is a ministry for ladies who love the Lord. Equipping Eve exists to equip women with "fruits of truth" from God's Word so that they will be prepared to stand strong in an age that is ripe with deception.
(Part of the Equipping Eve   series).
Do you know Joan Broughton? Let’s travel back in time and consider this sister from the past who gave her life for Christ. Persecution might look different for most of us today, but it does still exist in various forms. What encouragement can we draw from the Word in the face of persecution?
by Erin Benziger on March 23, 2019 (Equipping Eve).
(Part of the Equipping Eve   series).
In Acts 4:13, we are told of Peter and John that it was clear “they had been with Jesus.” Is this true of us? Is this true of those from whom we are learning? What did Jesus look like, and what implications does this have on our lives?
by Erin Benziger on March 9, 2019 (Equipping Eve).
(Part of the Equipping Eve   series