For His Own Possession

Why did Jesus die? A church I visited a few years ago was giving out as part of their welcome package for visitors a book on the 50 reasons why Jesus came to die. Chapter 23 of that book was entitled: "So That We Might Belong to Him." Exactly. Paul, in writing to Titus, highlights [...]

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Andy Stanley’s Unbiblical Ecclesiology

It was during my academic tenure at Dallas Theological Seminary in the early 1990's when Charles Stanley sat with some of us in the living room area of our dorm to have a heart to heart talk and Q & A about ministry. His son Andy, fellow graduate of DTS, has been stirring up some [...]

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Myths About Election(Part 2)

  Once when asked how to reconcile divine sovereignty with human responsibility Spurgeon said there was no need to reconcile friends. MYTH #3: Divine sovereignty is in direct conflict with human responsibility. Jesus Himself, while teaching divine sovereignty, at the same time called for a response. "All things have been handed over to me by [...]

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Myths About Election(Part 1)

We hear the word "election" and suddenly the hairs on our neck stand up as we think to ourselves, "That's not fair. It is unjust of God."(Romans 9:14) "The fallen human mind tends to think it is unjust for God to choose some but not everyone - as if we had a right to demand [...]

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Theology For Family Worship

"You know people who go around raising other people from the dead?" This was my comment to one of my daughters when during our family worship time she said that Jesus' raising Lazarus from the dead showed the humanity of Christ. We have been studying theology in our family worship time. Many unfortunately relegate theology [...]

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It can leave you a lonely, grumpy old man. It can take away your love, joy and peace. It can keep you enslaved. It can be like being behind bars in a jail cell, separated and cut off from the rest of the world. What is it? Bitterness. Sounds like a grim reality for many. [...]

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How Would God Start a Church?(Part 2)

Their hearts were pierced to the very core. They had to respond to the message. They cried out asking what they ought to do. "Now when they heard this they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?”" Acts 2:37 After hearing the [...]

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How Would God Start a Church?

What a ridiculous question? Everyone knows that church planting is not something God does, but what pastors and evangelists and missionaries do. What kind of blog title is that? The kind you get from a ministry like No Compromise Radio whose tag line is: "Always biblical, always provocative; always in that order." When I moved [...]

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Facebook or Face in the Book

Like. Comment. Share. Poke. Save link. You got it. These are things you can do with Facebook. Aaahh. Social media. Read. Study. Memorize. Meditate. Obey. These are things you can do with the Bible. But it takes some diligence and discipline. I remember one of my seminary professors used to say that Scripture does not [...]

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Theocentric or Anthropocentric Hermeneutics?

Some years ago my wife and 2 daughters were attending a Christian summer camp. One particular morning the main speaker was taking us through the account of Jesus' feeding of the 5000(John 6:1-15). By focusing our attention on the boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish(John 6:8), the speaker made his main point by saying that even [...]

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