No Compromise Radio is a ministry dedicated to the ongoing proclamation of Jesus Christ, even Him crucified (1 Cor 2:1), His exclusive and saving gospel, and His inerrant Word. Our theme verse is Galatians 2:5 where the apostle Paul said “But we did not yield in subjection to them for even an hour, so that the truth of the gospel would remain with you.”

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(Part of the NoCo  , Tuesday Guy  , Luther Lessons   series).
lutherMike and Steve discuss a new segment of NoCo, “Luther Lessons.” Martin Luther’s wisdom echoes 500 years later.
by Mike Abendroth, Steve Cooley on October 25, 2016 (NoCo).
(Part of the NoCo   series).
wallpaper-thumbPastor Mike elaborates on the myth of "free will." Unbelievers have their wills bound by their sinful nature, Satan's control and the world's influences. There is only room in the universe for One with free will--God.
by Mike Abendroth on October 24, 2016 (NoCo).
(Part of the Equipping Eve   series).
EE_icon-08By now, almost every Christian woman is aware of the latest fad of Bible Art Journaling. Can taping stickers in our Bible and doodling in the margins really draw us closer to God? Or is this merely one more way that the whims of the world have crept into the visible church?
by Erin Benziger on October 22, 2016 (Equipping Eve).

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  • Church Membership: No More Excuses(Part 2) (10/13/2016) - To claim to be a Christian, saved by God’s grace and by the power of Gospel of Jesus Christ, and not to belong to a local body of believers, is to claim that you are committed to the Head but not to the Body. “I don’t think the New Testament knows anything about a Christian that doesn’t belong […]
  • Church Membership: No More Excuses(Part 1) (10/6/2016) - Judgment Free Zone. Ten dollars down. Ten dollars a month. Having been in the health industry for 30 years between being an avid weightlifter, a follower of the Mr. Olympia, a certified personal trainer and a manager at a sport supplement store, I see lines like these fill the ads of many gyms in this […]
  • The Gospel and Your Children (9/2/2016) - I will never forget a few years ago when the ladies from our church, who had recently returned from a women’s conference, were telling me that my wife was the talk of the conference. That alone surprised me because, though she was part of a panel Q & A discussion at the women’s conference, my […]
  • The Role of Women in the Church (8/30/2016) - Why pick such a controversial topic to blog about? Oh I didn’t realize there was controversy surrounding this issue. To use NoCo language: HENNO. Well, what else do you expect from a ministry whose tag line is always biblical, always controversial, always in that order. The equality of women with men has nothing to do […]
  • The Nature of True Saving Faith (8/29/2016) - It was one of the most celebrated times in the Jewish calendar. It was the Passover(See Exodus 12:1-13). Jews would all gather together in Jerusalem to celebrate this feast. Now on one of these occasions Jesus appears on the scene. And what does he do? Miraculous signs. The beloved disciple states very clearly the purpose […]