No Compromise Radio is a ministry dedicated to the ongoing proclamation of Jesus Christ, even Him crucified (1 Cor 2:1), His exclusive and saving gospel, and His inerrant Word. Our theme verse is Galatians 2:5 where the apostle Paul said “But we did not yield in subjection to them for even an hour, so that the truth of the gospel would remain with you.”

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(Part of the NoCo   series).
NoCo Logo SquareWhat Systematic Theology should you read? What is a Systematic Theology?
by Mike Abendroth on February 12, 2016 (NoCo).
(Part of the NoCo   series).
BostonWhat is the evangelism strategy for those who live in cold and dark places?
by Mike Abendroth on February 11, 2016 (NoCo).
(Part of the NoCo  , Interviews   series).
pradeep-300x225Dr. Tilak discusses ministry, the different types of apologetics (classical, evidential and presuppositional). Pradeep serves as an Elder at Bethlehem Bible Church.
by Mike Abendroth on February 10, 2016 (NoCo).

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  • How Would God Start a Church?(Part 2) (2/8/2016) - Their hearts were pierced to the very core. They had to respond to the message. They cried out asking what they ought to do. “Now when they heard this they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?”” Acts 2:37 After hearing the […]
  • How Would God Start a Church? (2/3/2016) - What a ridiculous question? Everyone knows that church planting is not something God does, but what pastors and evangelists and missionaries do. What kind of blog title is that? The kind you get from a ministry like No Compromise Radio whose tag line is: “Always biblical, always provocative; always in that order.” When I moved […]
  • Facebook or Face in the Book (1/28/2016) - Like. Comment. Share. Poke. Save link. You got it. These are things you can do with Facebook. Aaahh. Social media. Read. Study. Memorize. Meditate. Obey. These are things you can do with the Bible. But it takes some diligence and discipline. I remember one of my seminary professors used to say that Scripture does not […]
  • Theocentric or Anthropocentric Hermeneutics? (1/5/2016) - Some years ago my wife and 2 daughters were attending a Christian summer camp. One particular morning the main speaker was taking us through the account of Jesus’ feeding of the 5000(John 6:1-15). By focusing our attention on the boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish(John 6:8), the speaker made his main point by saying that even […]
  • New Year Resolutions (12/31/2015) - It’s the second week of January and you cannot find a bench or machine in the gym to work out on because it’s so crowded with people you have never seen before who have made new year resolutions to lose weight or get in better shape. By the end of the month, there will be […]